Tuesday, January 3, 2012


3::366 by Raches
3::366, a photo by Raches on Flickr.

found a $3 t-shirt in Coles in this mustard colour, perfect for wearing to bed. Got home and had THE. PERFECT. FABRIC. EVER....so made another pair of pj pants!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Now stand in the place where you work

So, this is what's taking all my time, a labour of love, my tea shop, Tea Lite xxxx

Check Tea Lite out on Facebook!

(I'm knitting in the down time, lol)

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Location:Victoria St,Warragul,Australia

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have absolutely fallen head over heals for pin interest, in every i-form possible!!! But, not only has it sucked me in bid time, I think it has given me back ye olde crafting mojo! Watch out sewing machines, there's a whole batch of fabric coming your way today!!!

Also loving Instagram xxx

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

what i should be doing..

is cleaning out the kitchen cupboard....

instead, I'm trolling the internets for ingredients to make a product that The Mister (aka, Spence) wants to make & sell for his little woodcraft sideline (stay tuned?) so I am instead, still in the study. 

but, what i want to do is.......


This pattern I downloaded from Pink Chalk Fabric in the great pattern agogo spree of 2011.

but alas, all thats done is the cutting out of paper, not even sticky taped yet.