Friday, June 3, 2011

Legal knots & Silver linings

I've been wrangling with a pretty huge legal knot at the moment, but it looks like it may soon be over. All fingers are crossed. It has to do with my new business, so I have had to shut down my tea shop for over a week now. I've just seen the latest legal letter sent by my lawyer to their lawyer, and hopefully it will be the last of this drama. It has been absolutely soul destroying on my half, pretty much reputation destroying on their behalf, so a total waste of time, money & effort, and for what? Anyways, I've lost income, but if there's a silver lining, I've managed to clean 75% of my house and look after a 10 year old man-flu sufferer all week, so pretty much evens out (?). And I have a cleanish craft space, and a head full of ideas!
Now I have one more room to clean & kitchen cupboards to organize and the house is sorted for another.....still to be determined period of time!

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  1. Your tea shop looks gorgeous and very inviting. I'm glad for you that you'll be able to get back into it:)